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Turkish Language Lessons Online

We are offering intensive Turkish language courses, Turkish language classes and self-study Turkish course (beginners) & lessons – online via Skype. Check out the details and contact us.

DTC Turkish courses are interactive Turkish lessons for learners who want to obtain practical use in speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar of the modern Turkish language. Check out our programs below and contact us by email at info@demturkishcenter.com to discuss the details.

  1. Self-study Turkish course & lessons
  2. Turkish course online via Skype
  3. Turkish classes online via Skype

Learn Turkish with our experienced Turkish teachers, at the comfort of your home or office, wherever you are located in the world!

1. Self-study Turkish Courses & Lessons

Learn Turkish yourself with Dem Turkish Center self-study Turkish course for beginners and practical Turkish lessons by email.

Learn Turkish yourself- Self-study Turkish course for beginners

Self-study Turkish Course (Beginners)
Learn Turkish yourself with your Turkish language teacher who designs your Turkish self-study course, provides Turkish materials and is available online any time you need help with Turkish! Details »

Download turkish lessons with audio files

Self-study Turkish Lessons For Beginners
Learn Turkish with self-study Turkish lessons for beginners including vocabulary worksheets, grammar worksheets, communicative lessons, easy reading worksheets with audio files. Download Now »

2. Intensive Turkish Courses Online

Learn Turkish online with Turkish courses for beginner, pre-intermediate, intermediate and advanced learners with practical Turkish lessons.

turkish lessons online via skype

Intensive Turkish Courses Online
Take intensive and interactive Turkish courses online via Skype using Dem Turkish Center practical Turkish lessons and learn Turkish language with an experienced Turkish language teacher! Details »

3. Turkish Classes Online

Learn Turkish online with casual Turkish language classes online via Skype including Turkish speaking lessons, Turkish grammar lessons, Turkish reading & conversation lessons and Turkish writing lessons.

turkish speaking lessons online via skype

Turkish Speaking Lessons Online
Improve your Turkish speaking skill with Turkish lessons online via Skype, at the comfort of your home or office, wherever you are located in the world! Details »

Learn Turkish grammar yourself

Turkish Grammar Lessons Online
Turkish grammar lessons are ideal if you want to learn the grammar points and practice with your Turkish teacher through conversation exercises. Details »

turkish writing lessons by email

Turkish Writing (Correction) Lessons
Improve your Turkish with Turkish writing (correction) lessons by email, the texts that you write to your Turkish teacher, who reads, corrects, explain and sends it back to you for review. Details »

Download printable Turkish language learning books & lessons for self-study!

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