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Facts about Istanbul Traffic

Facts About Istanbul Traffic

Istanbul city guide. Facts about the Istanbul traffic.

Istanbul, one of the most populated cities in the world, has a big traffic problem. Here are some facts about the Istanbul traffic:

  • In Istanbul, 8,5 million Istanbulians are using the public transportation and 3 million Istanbulians are using their own cars every day. Thus 11,5 million Istanbulians commute in the traffic every day.
  • 89 % of Istanbulians are using cars, buses and dolmuş, 8% are using railways and 3% are using the sea transportation in Istanbul.
  • 1,750,000 Istanbulians are using minibüs in 136 lines every day.
  • 1,600,000 Istanbulians are using service buses, 1,200,000 Istanbulians are using taxis and dolmuş every day.
  • 3 million Istanbulians are using their own cars every day.
  • 930,000 Istanbulians are using tram and trains every day.
  • 265,000 Istanbulians are using ferries and sea buses, 100,000 Istanbulians are using private boats every day.

Did you know:
The first traffic accident happened in 1912. The driver of the Italian Embassy hit an Albanian man in Kurtulus on the European side.

Public Transportation Companies in Istanbul

Travelling in the sea and land is maintained by two official compianies in Istanbul.
IDO, Istanbul Deniz Otobüsleri, Istanbul Sea Bus Company was founded in 1987 by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in order to provide alternate commuting services for Istanbulians. Before IDO was founded, the sea transportation service provided by State owned Turkish Maritime Organization Inc. IDO is serving with 86 ships on 33 lines between 86 points.

Did you know
IDO is the only company in the world that is carrying millions of passengers between two continents every year?

IETT, Istanbul Elektrik Tramvay ve Tünel Şirketi, is the Istanbul Electric Power, Funicular and Streetcar Board founded in 1869.

Did you know;

  • IETT buses travel a distance of around 450,000 km. a day, making up a distance of 170 million km. a year; which means that they travel a distance of at least 10 times of the world’s perimeter in a single day.
  • IETT buses travel back and forth between their first and last stops 5 million times in a month.
  • IETT buses stop at approximately 8000 points for taking or dropping passengers.
  • Approximately 1,3 million trips per day and 500 million trips per year are being made on IETT buses.

Taxis in Istanbul

Everywhere you go in Istanbul you will be able to find a taxi. They are recognizable by their yellow colour and the taxi’s number plate printed on top of the car, also all taxi’s will have the letter T in the number plate. If possible try to take taxis that are regisitered to a taxi station, you will see the station logo’s printed on the doors of the car.

According to the official records, there are 18,000 registered taxis in Istanbul. There are also 25,000 korsan (literally pirate, unregistered) taxis serving Istanbulians. It seems the authorities take no notice of the pirate taxis considering the population of the city. is a free taxi price calculation service for Istanbul and other major cities of Turkey. Service finds shortest path between two points, calculates distance using Google Maps API, estimates how much your cab fare will cost, finds nearest yellow taxi stations and draws directions on the Istanbul map with only two clicks. Also lists common routes which used in airport transportation, points of interests in istanbul city center like public transportation stations, subways, ferry & bus terminals etc.

Public transportation in Istanbul
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