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Turkish Recipes: Baklava

Turkish culture guides. Turkish food recipes. How to make Turkish baklava.

Baklava is one of the oldest popular Turkish desserts in Turkey as well as the Balkans and Middle East. It is simply flaky pastry filled with dried fruits like walnuts, pistachio etc (depending on the area) baked in the oven, cut into diamond-shape and poured syrup or honey.

Did you know?
There was a royal ceremony called Baklava Alayi during the Ottoman Empire that the Sultan offered baklava to the whole Jannissary division as compliment in the middle of Ramadan month. A tray of baklava is always the bet when people play football or a game.

The secrets of making baklava:

Where To Eat Baklava
Gaziantep is the capital of baklava but if you are visiting Istanbul and looking for a place for baklava, Gulluoglu is the right place to try baklava. Gulluoglu founded in 1871 is is a worldwide known dessert shop located in Karakoy. You can also give online orders from Gulluoglu online shop.

Afiyet olsun!

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