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How to learn Turkish online

How To Learn Turkish Online Via Skype

How to learn Turkish online via Skype?

We are offering online Turkish lessons via Skype and help you start learning Turkish or improve your Turkish if you are already studying Turkish language yourself or taking a Turkish language course.

We have been teaching Turkish online for over 15 years. We are working with Turkish language learners from all over the world. If you want to start learning Turkish or improve your Turkish and looking for an experienced Turkish language teacher to study online, please read the following information and contact us.

Turkish language lessons, worksheets & books for self-study

What is online Turkish?

Online Turkish is Turkish language courses & classes you can take online via Skype. You can study online in the same way you study in a class.

  1. You get online, see and hear the teacher,
  2. use the chatbox for explanations, share a pdf worksheet to study through,
  3. ask and answer questions because you can see and hear each other…

You can also record the lesson and study later. There is not much difference than Turkish language classes you can take in person.

What is Skype?

We are using Skype for our online Turkish courses & classes.

Skype is a free and easy-to-use software that you can make free Internet calls. It is one of the most popular softwares for online learning in the world, especially for language learning online. What is Skype?

What is a course and a class?

We are offering both online Turkish courses and classes.

A course is a set of lesson, like Beginner Turkish Lessons 1 covering 10 lessons, whereas classes are individual lessons on specific lessons that you can take when you want, like a class for Present Tense in Turkish.

We are offering intensive Turkish courses, Turkish speaking practice lessons, Turkish grammar & conversation lessons, Turkish reading & conversation lessons, Turkish writing (correction) lessons and Turkish support lessons if you are already taking a course and using a course book.

Can I study Turkish myself?

Of course, you can. Beside online Turkish courses & classes, we are also offering lots of self-study Turkish language lessons with audios & answer keys to study yourself, study with a Turkish language teacher, or even with a Turkish speaking friend. Simply visit Dem Turkish Center Bookstore, find the lessons you want to study, download them and study Turkish yourself.

We are offering Turkish grammar, Turkish easy reading, Turkish speaking, Turkish reading & writing practice worksheets for self-study. If you need a Turkish teacher for your own studies, you can take an online Turkish class to practice with a Turkish teacher online. Any time.

What courses and classes do you offer?

The courses and classes we are offering are:

  1. Intensive Turkish courses online
  2. Self-study Turkish courses (Study yourself + with your Turkish teacher)
  3. Turkish speaking practice lessons online
  4. Turkish grammar & conversation lessons online
  5. Turkish reading & conversation lessons online
  6. Turkish writing (correction) lessons
  7. Turkish support lessons online

What Turkish learning materials are you using?

We are using our downloadable and printable Turkish language learning books – with / without audios, self-study Turkish lessons – with audios & answer keys and Turkish worksheets – with audios & answer keys for self-study and study with a Turkish language teacher.

How does Online Turkish Courses & Classes work?

It works simple and easy:

  1. Decide what course you want to take.1
  2. Contact us by email at or and book your trial class to meet your teacher.
  3. Take the trial class to discuss details, schedule your classes and see how lessons work.
  4. Start learning Turkish or improving your Turkish with our online Turkish classes.

What technical requirements do I need?

You only need the Internet connection, a headset and Skype installed on your computer or device.

What’s the language used in the classes?

The language used to lecture the classes is Turkish & English. We use English to instruct the lesson and explain grammar points in beginner classes but we use, naturally, Turkish in general to help you learn the language as it is our goal. If you are not a native English speaker, your English must be good enough to understand what is taught. At least late-elementary or pre-intermediate level of English will do.

Contact us by email at or or Skype at if you need further information or want take a free trial lesson to see how it works and discuss the details. Please add your information in your email: Name, email, Skype, country / city (for the time difference), type of course, your level, number of classes you want to take a week, number of participants, days and times and your message if you have.

Visit Dem Turkish Center Bookstore and download Turkish language learning books & lessons for self-study – with audios & answer keys

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