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How to learn Turkish language online

How To Learn Turkish Language Online

How to learn Turkish language online with Dem Turkish Center.

Dem Turkish Center is a Turkish language resource website offering a wide range of Turkish language learning materials and Turkish language courses & classes online.

You can learn Turkish language with Dem Turkish Center in two ways:

  1. Learn Turkish yourself with Turkish language lessons, books & worksheets (with audios & answer keys).
  2. Learn Turkish yourself & with your Turkish language teacher with Turkish courses & classes online via Skype.

Turkish Language Learning Materials

We are offering downloadable & printable (digital products, pdf, mp3 files) Turkish language learning materials including Turkish language learning books for self-study (with/without audios), Turkish language lessons for self-study (with audios & answer keys) and Turkish language worksheets for self-study (with audios & answer keys). You can also download these materials as discount packages with 25 / 40 % OFF. Visit Teach Yourself Turkish page.

Visit for all our Turkish language materials

DTC.COM Membership

Did you know that you can become a DTC.COM member and download our Turkish language materials, get online support and take Turkish classes online to revise & practice what you have learned.

Visit DTC.COM Membership page for details

Turkish Language Courses & Classes

Beside Turkish language learning materials for self-study, we also offer Turkish language courses & classes online and in Fethiye, Turkey. Here is a list of Turkish language courses & classes we are offering:

Turkish Language Courses – Online via Skype!

Take Turkish language courses online via Skype and learn & practice Turkish with your Turkish language teacher – online via Skype. More Information

Self-study Turkish Lessons (Study yourself + Study with your teacher online)

Download your Turkish lesson (with audios & answers keys), study yourself and revise & practice with your Turkish language teacher online. More Information

Turkish Speaking Practice Lessons – Online via Skype!

Time to improve your Turkish speaking skill! Stop learning and start speaking Turkish language with Turkish speaking practice lessons online via Skype! More Information

Turkish Grammar Lessons – Online via Skype!

Turkish grammar isn’t as difficult as you think. Learn and practice Turkish grammar with your Turkish language teacher – online via Skype! More Information

Turkish Reading Lessons – Online via Skype!

Read, listen, speak and practice Turkish language. Improve your Turkish language with Turkish reading & conversation lessons online via Skype! More Information

Turkish Writing (Correction) Lessons

Read a sample text, write a similar text and improve your Turkish while practising grammar & vocabulary with Turkish writing lesson by email. More Information

Turkish Language Vacation Courses

Take short Turkish language classes & courses, practice your Turkish in social times while having a great vacation in Fethiye. More Information

Turkish Language Lessons in Fethiye

Take Turkish language lessons if you are located in Fethiye and need to learn and practice Turkish with Turkish classes & courses. More Information

Become a Dem Turkish Center member!

Become a member, learn Turkish yourself at your own pace with Turkish language materials, online support and online Turkish classes. More Information

Visit Dem Turkish Center Bookstore and download Turkish language learning books & lessons for self-study – with audios & answer keys

Turkish Language Membership

Turkish Language Bookstore

Turkish Language Books

Turkish Language Lessons

Turkish Language Worksheets

Teach Yourself Turkish

Turkish Language Courses

Turkish Language Classes

Study Turkish in Turkey

Turkish language bookstore

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