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How To Improve Your Turkish Reading Skill

How to improve your Turkish reading skill

How to improve your Turkish reading skill?

There are many ways of improving the language you are learning. Reading books is a very good practice for improving your foreign language, especially for languages like Turkish.

We are offering graded (downloadable and printable – pdf + mp3) Turkish easy reading books for self-study and study with your Turkish teacher and online Turkish reading & conversation lessons via Skype for beginner, intermediate and advanced Turkish language learners to improve their reading and speaking skills.

1. Download Turkish easy reading books

Download a wide range of graded Turkish easy reading books for self-study or study with your Turkish language teacher or even with a Turkish speaking friend or family member. Our Turkish easy reading books can be used for self-study or part of a Turkish language course. Each books includes vocabulary exercises before the text to learn the new words and expressions in the text, comprehensive exercise after the text to understand the text better before reading one more time and a mini dictionary including the words in the stories. The graded Turkish easy reading books include texts like letters, fairy tales, biographies, strange news, myths, folk tales, short stories etc.


2. Take online Turkish reading lessons

Taking a reading & conversation class online is not only good for reading and conversation, but also vocabulary, listening, pronunciation and writing. Here is how our reading & conversation classes work:

  • The instructor gives the unknown / new vocabulary (Learn new vocabulary).
  • The instructor read the text (Improve your listening skill and get familiar with the pronunciation).
  • The student read the text aloud and the instructor corrects his pronunciation mistakes (Improve your reading skill and practice the pronunciation).
  • The instructor and the student do the comprehension exercise together (Improve your speaking skill).
  • The student writes the text with his own words and the instructor corrects it in class or outside the class (Improve your writing skill).

Contact us by email or whatsapp to discuss the details and have a trial lesson.

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