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How to get Istanbul card

How To Get Istanbul Card For Public Transportations

How to get Istanbul Card for public transportation.

Although Istanbul is a very crowded city and the traffic is horrible, communting in Istanbul with public transportation is easy. All you need is the Istanbul Card, which you can use for all kinds of means of transportation, buses, metros, ferries, funiculars, tramways except for taxi, dolmus (shuttle), minibus (private “mini” buses).

How to get Istanbul Card

Find a kiosk around the ferry stations or main bus stops near Kadikoy, Uskudar, Sirkeci, Besiktas. Pay 8 TL for the card. You can say “Istanbul Card istiyorum” meaning “I want an Istanbul Card”. The card is rechargeable but you need to upload credits when you first buy it. So you can say “(The amount you want to buy) istiyorum” to upload credits for the first use. Something like “Bes (5), on (10), on bes (15), yirmi (20), yirmi bes (25), otuz (30), otuz bes (35), kirk (40) Liralik istiyorum”.

How to recharge the Istanbul Card

You can upload credits from the kiosks around the bus and ferry stations or the designated machines without waiting in a queue.

You don’t need to get multiple cards for multiple travelers. You can use one Istanbul card for up to 5 passengers.

We hope you will enjoy your Istanbul trip wit your Istanbul Card!

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