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How to study Turkish grammar

How To Study Turkish Grammar

How to study Turkish grammar? Dem Turkish Center, a Turkish language resource website, offers Turkish grammar books and online Turkish grammar lessons via Skype.

You can learn some basic Turkish grammar rules yourself but you need to study with a Turkish teacher if you want to improve your Turkish grammar because it is, especially for learners speaking European languages, a bit difficult to learn in the beginning. However, as you learn it gets easier because Turkish grammar rules don’t have many irregularities and repeats itself in a way. They say it’s like maths, 2 + 2 = 4!

Here is how to learn Turkish grammar online with Dem Turkish Center Turkish materials and online classes:

1. Take Turkish grammar and conversation lessons online

We are offering online Turkish grammar lessons via Skype. These lessons are ideal if you are learning Turkish and need help with Turkish grammar to learn and practice at the same time. We are teaching Turkish grammar with conversation practice because we think learning grammar only doesn’t help much unless you practice what you have learned. The duration of online Turkish grammar classes are negotiable. You can either tell us what grammar point you would like to study and take 1, 2, 3 or more hours. Or you can take courses like introduction to Turkish grammar, Turkish verb tenses, Turkish suffixes, Turkish clauses etc.

How we teach Turkish grammar classes online?

  • The instructor explains the grammar point before the exercise.
  • The learner do the exercise by himself/herself.
  • The teacher writes the answers for the learner to check and correct his/her answers.
  • The teacher explains the problems and mistakes.
  • The teacher reads the answers loudly.
  • The learner listens to the teacher and repeats the sentences.
  • The learners and the teacher have a short conversation, questions & answers etc using the grammar point.

Visit Turkish Grammar Lessons page for more information »

2. Take Turkish grammar remedial lessons online

You can also take Turkish remedial lessons if you are already taking a Turkish language course or studying a Turkish gramamr book and need help with Turkish grammar. These lessons are instant or casual classes that you can take when you have a grammar problem and need help to study and understand it better with an online Turkish teacher.

Visit Turkish Grammar Lessons page for more information »

3. Download Turkish grammar workbooks for self-study (with answer key)

Dem Turkish Center also offers downloadable and printable Turkish language learning books for self-study and study with a Turkish language teacher. Simply visit Turkish Grammar Workbook 1 for beginners and Turkish Grammar Workbook 2 for intermediate learnerspage for more information and download the book from the same page or visit Dem Turkish Center Bookstore and study Turkish grammar yourself or with your Turkish teacher, or with your Turkish speaking friend.

Download Turkish language learning books & audiobooks »
Take Turkish language lessons online via Skype »

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