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Turkish Grammar Worksheets & Classes

Learn Turkish with Turkish grammar worksheets for self-stıdy and grammar & conversation classes online!
turkish reading conversation lessons online via skype

Learn Turkish with Turkish grammar worksheets for self-study (with audios & answer keys) and Turkish grammar practice classes online via Skype! Practice Turkish grammar with your Turkish language teacher through drills and conversation exercises.

1. Turkish Grammar Worksheets

Download Turkish language worksheets for self-study (with audios & answer keys) including communicative Turkish lessons, graded Turkish easy reading worksheets, Turkish grammar worksheets, Turkish speaking practice worksheets, Turkish vocabulary worksheets and other worksheets.


2. Turkish Grammar & Conversation Classes Online

Study Turkish grammar & practice what you have learned, with your Turkish language teacher online!

Not only learn the Turkish grammar, but also practice it with your Turkish teacher through conversation practice.

We are offering 2 types of Turkish grammar classes:

  1. Questions & Answers Your Turkish teacher will answer your Turkish grammar questions an help you practice what you have learned.
  2. Turkish Grammar Practice Make a short course with a list of grammar point. Ideal if you are studying yourself or taking a Turkish course and need to learn and practice what you are studying.

Contact us using the form below (button) or by email at / or by Whatsapp to discuss the details or have a trial lesson.


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