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Fun activities with children in Istanbul

Istanbul Travel - Fun Activities With Children In Istanbul

Adults would definitely enjoy visiting Istanbul, but those of them who are parents and wish to travel with their kids would wonder if the city is child friendly. Indeed, Istanbul is a child friendly city, with a comprehensive history and innumerable sightseeing spots. Despite the hectic life, Turkey‘s metropolis is quite welcoming of children and plenty of fun activities with children in Istanbul that parents can enjoy with their children when visiting Istanbul.

Basilica Cistern

This unusual attraction in Istanbul will please both the old and the young. Adults will be fascinated the roof of this extensive underground water cistern rests on 335 marble columns. The children will be enhanced by the dripping of the water and the slightly creepy lighting, which adults may find romantic. By walking on the raised platforms to the end, the bigger carp fish, Medusa heads and the wishing corner can be seen.

Bosphorus Tour

Boat rides are something that all children tend to enjoy. For parents who want to take a cruise on the Bosphorus with their children, there are few options they can choose from these include an inexpensive and quick return ferry trip to and from the Asian side to full length Bosphorus tours that will take all the way up to the Black Sea. In summer, families can even embark on a full length tour at dusk and return just before midnight.

Galata Tower

Most children are quick to notice the 60 meter high Galata Tower and the Golden Horn feature. Families that are not afraid of heights will be quite pleased by taking a walk on the top balcony of the tower. They can also ride to the night floor in an elevator and climb a flight of stairs, at which point commanding views of the city below can be enjoyed. There is even a restaurant there where they may dine at Miniaturk.


This miniature open-air park is located on the Golden Horn’s banks and it has at least 105 scale models. Miniaturk is the largest park in the world, consisting of a 15,000 square miles miniature park, while its total area is 60,000 square miles. A labyrinth, a life-sized chessboard and a playground is also featured in the park. Along admission, families will also receive free English audio guides too.

Play n Learn

Play n Learn is perfect for children up to the age of 6 and a myriad of activities there that allow children to play and learn. The atmosphere is child-friendly, and activities like active games, art and craft, finger plays, little dramas, play dough, puppet shows, and much more arranged for children.

The Princes’ Islands

Children will have a lot of fun on the islands. The inhabitants of the islands go about by carriage and horse. So there will be no need to worry about traffic. Children will be able to run freely and take in the fresh air. Nice nature walks can be taken, or when traveling with children, rented bicycles are available to take a tour of the island.


Traveling with children can be quite tricky, but when visiting a city like Istanbul in Turkey, there are always be plenty of activities that allow families to have fun. As long as all the members of a family have a Turkey visa, they should pay a visit to this family and child friendly city.

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