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Fethiye Guide

Get to know Fethiye (a popular travel destination located by the Mediterranean coasts of Turkey) better before your Turkish language vacation course!



What is Fethiye?

Fethiye is a tourist town with an international atmosphere located in the south-west of Turkey by the Mediterrranean Sea. The town has a population of 150.000 but the population increases during the high season, from April to October.

Fethiye is constantly modernising and progressing. Recent years have seen a vast increase in tourism as it homes many popular resorts like Çalış, Hisarönü, Ovacık, Ölüdeniz and Kabak.

Fethiye provides a nice contrast to the nearby resorts and its traditional feel. The Old Town is a delightful maze of little alleys in the town center near the harbour. It’s a great place to explore packed with shops, restaurants, bars and boutiqes.


Where is Fethiye located?

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Turkish Language Vacation Courses in Fethiye

Would you like to study Turkish in Turkey with an experienced Turkish language teacher while having a great vacation in Fethiye located by the Mediterranean coasts of Turkey? If yes, here is how it works:

Turkish language holiday vacation courses in fethiye, turkey

1. Visit Fethiye in Turkey

one of the top travel destinations in the Turkish Riviera located by the Mediterranean Coasts!

Study Turkish in Turkey

2. Study Turkish language

with Ali Akpinar, a Turkish language teacher offering Turkish language materials and Turkish courses!

Turkish language holiday vacation courses in fethiye, turkey

3. Have a great vacation

enjoying social times in a Turkish speaking town while studying Turkish on your Turkey vacation!

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