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Fethiye Guides - Paspatur Market & Bar Street

Places to visit & Things to do in Fethiye: Paspatur market & bar street

Paspatur, meaning “Old City“, is one of the oldest settlements in Fethiye and is visited by thousands of tourists each year. It is located between Fethiye Marina and Çarşı Street, which basically forms the city centre, transportation to and from is very easy and it is a stopping point for everyone.

Paspatur Bazaar, which consists of five cute looking streets in total, is generally made up of carpet, leather, Turkish delight and jewellery stores. There is also a “pub and bars street” that the nightlife of the city centre takes place. Most of the protected old houses of Fethiye are in Paspatur Bazaar, saluting the visitors with their authentic wooden look and bay windows.

There is, of course, a legend to Paspatur: Those who drink water from the fountain in the centre of Paspatur, feel an urge to come to Fethiye at least once more or they could never leave at all.

You should definitely take a small walking tour of Paspatur Bazaar while your stay in Fethiye.

Where is Paspatur in Fethiye?

Taken from Liberty Hotels, Fethiye


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