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Fethiye History

Fethiye History

Fethiye Information & City Guide: Fethiye History.

Fethiye, once an important Lycian City, has a vast and fascinating past with the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Seljucks and Ottomans fought over the city and its harbour, each leaving their mark on the landscape. History is evident throughtout town center including colossal rock tombs, the ruins of a fortress on the hill and an amphitheatre towards the rear of the main harbour.

The ancient name of Fethiye was Telmessos. The city wasfounded in the 5th century BC on the border of Lycian and Carian civilizations. Based on ruins studied in or time, it has been ascertained the town possessed a rich and high cultural wealth during the Hellenistic and Rpman periods and was famed as a center of oracles dedicated to God Apollon. The Lycian rock tombs, sarcophagi, thecitadel, and the theater are existent with all their splendour in the present structure of the town.

Since its foundation, the town was ruled respectively by the Persinas, Alexander The Great, the Romans, the Byzantians and the Ottomans.

Before the republic, the name of the town Makri, meaning far-off land in Greek. The name was changed to Fethiye by the Couincil of Municipality in 1934 to commemorate the death of Fethi Bey, the first pilot in the history of Turkish civilian aviation.


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