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Ancient City Of Ephesus

Turkey travel guide. Places to visit in Turkey. Ancient city of Ephesus.

One of the must-see places to visit in Turkey, the ancient city of Ephesus located in Selcuk, Izmir, was established as a port and a commercial center, became a relgious center of the early Christianity and today this uniqe ancient city is one of the worldwide tourist attraction visited by thousands of people from all over the world.

Ephesus offers a lot to its visitors with many historical ruins including the temple of Artemis, amphitheatre, library etc. Some of the top attractions to see in Ephesus include:

Temple of Artemis

The temple of Artemis (Diana), the virgin Goddes of Nature and one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world, was 115m long and housed 127 columns of which 36 façade columns were decorated with relics.


The Basilica constructed during the reign of Augustus and devoted to commerce is a typical Roman structure, 165m in length and contains columns with 1st century A.D. bulls` heads.

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Church of St. John

St John lived here during 37-42 A.D., wrote his Gospel and was buried in Ephesus following his wish. The current structure was built during the reign of the Byzantine Emperor, Justinian (577-565AD) and contains some of the most valuable frescoes and is partly in ruins.

House of Virgin Mary

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Built in the Hellenistic period and renovated in the 3rd century during the reign of Caracalla the Agora was surrounded by columns, and was adorned with three entrances, from the direction of the Theatre, Harbor and the Celsus library.

The Aqueduct of Sextilius Pollio

This two storied conduit brought water to Ephesus from Marnas and was commissioned by Sextilius Pollio between 7-15 A.D. It is a 3.5 kilometers long structure and you will find it at Derbent Creek. As the aqueduct climbs along the slopes of Derbent it gives a marvelous view.

Apart from these, other well-known tourist attractions in Ephesus are the Temple of Hadrian, aueduct of Sextilius Pollio, terrace houses, Isabey Mosque, Celsus library, Ephesus Museum, Baths of Varius, Scholastika and
The Fountains of Trajan and Pollio.

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