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Turkish Language Courses & Classes Online

Learn Turkish with DTC Turkish courses, interactive Turkish lessons for Turkish language learners who want to obtain practical use in speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar of the modern Turkish language.

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Merhaba! I am Ali Akpinar, a qualified & experienced Turkish language teacher offering Turkish language learning books, lessons for self-study and Turkish courses & classes online. Check out DTC Turkish language courses, classes & lessons online and contact us by email at or to discuss the details.

1. Self-study Turkish Courses

Learn Turkish yourself and with your Turkish teacher who provides you Turkish materials, is available online and gets connected to revise and practice what you have learned!

Self-study Turkish Course is an intensive Turkish language learning program offered by your Turkish language teacher who designs your self-study Turkish course, provides Turkish language lessons & books, connects with you online once a week to revise and practice and is available online when you need!

Self-study Turkish course provides motivated Turkish language learners with the knowledge, guidance and support to make learning Turkish a permanent part of their life.

Visit Self-study Turkish Cuorses page for details and more information »

Check out the courses below and buy your self-study Turkish course!

2. Intensive Turkish Courses Online

Learn Turkish with intensive Turkish courses online (Dem Turkish Center courses), integrated skills and obtain practical use in speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar of the modern Turkish language. All you need is Skype (a free online telephone service software) installed on your computer and access to the Internet in order to communicate with our qualified Turkish teachers. Fo all levels.

We are offering intensive Turkish courses from beginner to intermediate level (A1, A2 & pre-intermediate). We are using Istanbul course books for intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced levels (See below). If you don’t have time for an intensive Turkish course, take self-study Turkish courses (See above).

Visit Intensive Turkish Courses page for details and more information »

3. Istanbul Course Books

Beside our intensive Turkish courses (using Dem Turkish Center lessons) we are also offering online Turkish lessons for learners whow want to study Turkish using Istanbul course books. Simply buy hours and study Turkish using Istanbul course books with your Turkish teacher online via Skype. For all levels.

4. Turkish Support Lessons Online

Do you need help with your Turkish language studies? Take Turkish support lessons online via Skype for beginners, when you need help, practice or more explanations about your Turkish courses or Turkish language materials you are using.

Contact us by email at or to discuss and schedule your course.

Turkish Language Bookstore

Download Turkish language learning books, audiobooks and lessons for self-study (with/without audios)!

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