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History Of Cicek Pasaji, Cité De Pera

History of Turkey & Istanbul. History Of Cicek Pasaji, Cité De Pera, Beyoglu, Istanbul. Video by Turkey Personal Tours

Cicek Pasaji, Cité de Péra, one of the symbols of Beyoglu (Pera), is a famous historic pasageway lined with restaurants located in the middle of Istiklal Street. History of Cicek Pasaji, Cité De Pera:

Cicek Pasaji was built over the Naum Theatre which was severely damaged by the fire of Pera in 1870. After the fire, the theatre was purchased by the local Greek banker Hristaki Zografos Efendi. It was built by an Italian architect, Zanno and opened in 1876 as Cité de Péra or Hristaki Pasaji with 24 shops and 18 apartments. The first restaurant was Yorgo’nun Meyhanesi (Yorgo’s Winehouse). Some of the other shops in the early years of the passageway were as follows:

  • Maison Parret patisserie
  • Vallaury’s patisserie
  • Nakumara’s Japanese shop
  • Dulas’ florist
  • Schumacher’s bakery
  • Keserciyan’s tailor
  • Acemyan’s tobacco shop
  • Hristo’s cafe

In 1908 it was called Sait Pasa Pasaji, because the building was purchased by the Grand Vizier Sait Pasa. In the early 20’s the passageway hosted White Russian women selling flowers. They were the noble Russians exiled from Russia after the Russian Revolution in 1917. By the 40’s the building was mostly occupied by flower shops, and the building was called Cicek Pasaji up to present. Since the 40’s more pubs and meyhane opened and this led florists to sell on the street. In 1988 the building was restored and opened as a passageway of pubs and restaurants.

Address Istiklal Cad. Saitpasa Gecidi No:3/5 Galatasaray Istanbul

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