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Beyazit Avenue Istanbul

Istanbul Travel - Beyazit Avenue Sultanahmet

Places to see in Istanbul. Sultanahmet guide. Beyazit Avenue.

Built in 393 B.C during the reign of Teodosius as the biggest avenue in the city, Beyazit Avenue today is one of the busiests parts of Istanbul with the shopping centers around, the Istanbul University and historical buildings. It was called “Form Tauri” in the Roman times because there was a big monument of the statue of the emperor with bronze bull heads, which there are only a few marble blocks kept today.

One of the important buildings in the avenue is the Istanbul University located in the same place that Fatih Sultan Mehmet, Mehmet II the Conqueror built the first Ottoman palace after the conquest of Constantinople. The avenue also hosts the Beyazıt Fire Tower built in the 19th century and a madrassah, hamam and sahaf, old book shops remained of the complex of Beyazıt Mosque built in the 15th century.

The avenue is most famous for the demonstrations during the Ottoman period, student movements and the demonstrations after the Friday pray at the Beyazit Mosque in the late 20th century.

You can get to Beyazit Avenue by the tramvay, tram, street car running from Kabatas, Karaköy, Sirkeci and Sultanahmet or you can walk from Eminönü or Sirkeci (follow the tram line) enjoying the main street hosted the Eastern Roman and Ottoman Empires.

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